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CEO & Founder

Justin Banon

As Founder of, Justin Banon leads our global consulting community of blockchain experts, business leaders and technology builders.  We architect, incubate and develop our clients’ blockchain ventures to decentralize networks, transform organizations and disrupt industries.

As both a blockchain / business model academic and a global business leader, Justin  translates between the business and blockchain domains to advise CEOs and Founders on how to architect, fund and launch disruptive blockchain ventures.  Justin is also an advisor for a number of high-profile blockchain ventures.

Justin previously headed-up a global platform business, scaling them 20x from $50m to $1Bn pa revenue, through business model innovation and digital transformation.   Justin possesses a masters in Innovation- with a focus on network-effects business models, and is about to complete a second masters in blockchain- with a focus on token-powered network effects business models.