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Coinweb want to make the blockchain mainstream by making it more personal and more connected

  • a Layer 2 Hyperlayer that seamlessly connects blockchains.

  • Create smart contracts, and trade and issue your own tokens that use multiple blockchains

  • a name system for all blockchains, called the CNS will provide easy-to-use names and make blockchain accessible to everyone

  • Coinweb 360Accelerator

Meltfactory provides Coinweb with blockchain strategy consultancy, decentralised business model design and is engaged as retained advisory.




THE FIRST UNIVERSAL DATA ECOSYSTEM. DACONOMY enables every company, organization and individual to offer, buy and exchange any type of data, get insights and create additional revenues.

Meltfactory provides DACONOMY with a broad range of services including: blockchain strategy consultancy, decentralized business model design, venture architecture, executive briefing and venture funding guidance.



CCEG Blockchain Lab

The CCEG Blockchain UN Lab boasts the largest consultancy group in the world, one of only 3 full service blockchain organisations globally. The CCEG Blockchain UN Lab focuses on the transaction of intangible and non-financial values using a unique combination of Blockchain Technology and the Social Earnings Ratio. Both represent the leading edge of current Fintech, Socialtech and Humtech innovations but combined they enable a new world of hitherto impossible mainstream interventions. 

Meltfactory’s Founder & CEO, Justin Banon, is Blockchain Strategy Advisor to CCEG and is working on a major blockchain project- currently in stealth mode.


VeeR World, Ahem Games

Ahem Games are rolling-out an exciting new project that will provide a revolutionary home entertainment megaworld experience. Ahem’s team of renowned experts has developed a new concept for games that will change the current ecosystem of e-sports. 

Meltfactory provides Ahem Games with commissioned research, executive briefing, blockchain strategy and venture architecture to this cutting-edge gaming venture.